My Story

I began to delve into holistic nutrition and research years ago after battling with fertility issues and pregnancy losses. My body was not performing the way that it should, I had horrific anxiety, interrupted sleep, headaches, and digestive issues that I hadn’t realized were there. I had always considered myself to be a healthy person, but when I was struggling to conceive our second child and my body kept failing me, I knew that I could not be as healthy as I assumed and I had to make some sustainable changes.

I began researching ways to conceive naturally and began seeing a health coach to heal my body and my reproductive cycle with food, lifestyle and environmental changes, and targeted supplementation. I began to feel changes within weeks. My anxiety lessened and I was no longer waking multiple times a night. I felt like a happier person who was energized and motivated to make lasting changes. Plus, I started to see true results. I later enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Association and naturally conceived our baby boy. He would not be here if I had not taken this new path. After going through my own wellness journey, I became so inspired to continue learning and share the wealth with others.

There are many issues that people struggle with on a daily basis because they think it’s “normal” to feel the way that they do.  Headaches?  Oh, that’s normal.  Bloating and constipation?  Stressed and can’t sleep?  Irregular periods?  It’s not an acute illness, so it must be normal.  I used to feel this way about my issues too.  It may be common to experience these issues, but having those issues is not normal, and I learned that they can be addressed and corrected with Nutritional Therapy.